Underinsurance in Australia: An Adviser’s Perspective

Renowned risk specialist, Russell Collins, provides his own perspective on Australia’s underinsurance dilemma. Responding to Riskinfo publisher, Peter Sobels, in relation to a poll addressing underinsurance, Russell takes a step back to reflect on the nature of an unresolved issue that has been present in our community for decades prior to the implementation of recent…

Selling Insurance – a Rose by Any Other Name

Commencing in the 1970’s, and maturing throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, many advisers who adopted the mantle of ‘financial planner’, wanted to generate a different image in the eyes of their clients than that held by many consumers who saw them as purely sales-driven operators.

Selling Disability Insurance to Single People

I believe the most powerful question you can ask in the first meeting with a single person is ‘What would you regard as your most valuable asset? ‘It is important that you ask this question in the context of discussing their assets/liabilities.

The Estate Funnel

With business owners, when discussing the area of estate planning, I asked two specific questions: Will your heirs inherit a gross estate or a net estate? AND “If you had died yesterday, what amount of shrinkage would your estate have suffered?

The Strategy Paper

Sadly, from my experience, a negative side-effect of our compliance regime is the inability of many Financial Advisers (FA) to convince people of their need to own much larger and appropriate sums of life insurance.

Keyperson Insurance

The basic premise for Keyperson insurance is that business is an enterprise for profit. Since the purpose of business is profit, it is self-evident that the most valuable asset of a business is the asset which produces the most profit. Any gain beyond that is ascribable to management expertise and ingenuity. Therefore, the HUMAN ASSET…

Claims in Focus

In the last 37 years I have had relatively few disability claims. However, in the last two years I have had to handle three claims, all for depression, and these particular claims – because they are emotion oriented have given me a very valuable insight into the claims process.