Hear from the people who have met people and who have experienced the power of RICS.

It is rare to find someone who combines integrity, competence and a genuine interest in people. Russell is one such person and with whom I have been privileged to work with since I started in the industry. The time I have spent with him has been of great benefit and professional growth for me.  I have learned from his immense wisdom and experience, gleaned over the years. His guidance on business strategy and his insights in making decisions have proved invaluable. Topping it off is the bond of friendship that we have come to enjoy. Anyone using his services would, no doubt, benefit greatly.

D. SARKER, Authorized Representative, BlueRocke Investment Advisors Pty Lt

I was 25 years old, fresh out of uni, and thrust into the business world when I came across Russell Collins in early 2011.

 Essentially responsible for running my father’s financial planning business, I found myself with all the textbook knowledge in the world, zero practical experience, and facing the daunting “where to start” question.

 Luckily for me, Russell had all the tools to get me on the right track.  His insight, knowledge, processes and procedures taught me so much in our regular mentoring sessions in those early days.

 Only six months into my career, Russell helped me prepare for my first big assignment: to pitch for a $50,000 business insurance case.  I could only dream to get this case across the line – but presented to the client prepped with my questions to run through, my diagrams to draw on the whiteboard, and my stories to tell. IT WORKED!

 To this day, Russell’s questions, diagrams, stories and overall “russellisms” are my go-to for client presentations.  The diagrams are simple to follow and don’t overwhelm the clients. The questions allow a subtle connection with the client while drawing out all the solid information required to ensure success.


ELEANOR HANRAHAN, Financial Adviser / Accountant

I have been a financial adviser in Australia since 2011 and a paraplanner for 6 years prior to starting my own business. All of my training and qualifications did not even touch the surface when it comes to selling our services to clients and prospects. I read some general sales books which helped and have gone through training provided by the licensee but I was not confident in my interactions with prospects. On top of that, compliance procedures would stifle my ability to connect with clients.

Russell’s mentoring provided me with the structure and confidence to “sell” myself and to connect with prospects. He also provided guidelines that I could follow and adapt to my style that dealt with asking the right questions and a process to lead the client on a journey to the next steps. His mentoring has been invaluable, increasing my close rate and the confidence to continue advising despite the increasing compliance & educational requirements.


Much to my eternal good fortune, Russell undertook to mentor me very early in my career in July of 2011. At that stage, I was less than 12 months into having started my financial planning business, and I was going backwards quickly. I still remember our meeting in Russell’s Insurance Communications workshop and being blown away not only by his incomparable skills in the insurance game but more notably, his moral compass.

What sets Russell apart is that he is not a typical “salesperson.” Rather, he has made an art form of communicating, of asking the right questions, and of implementing an interviewing process that has one sole purpose: to act in the best interests of his clients.

I’ve learned so much from Russell, and no more important lesson than how to be a better person, and therefore to be a better adviser in the process. These days, I continue being mentored and challenged by Russell because of the value I place on having him in my life.

If you’re fortunate enough to have been mentored by Russell, you will most certainly be a better insurance and financial adviser as a result. Most importantly though, you will also be a better individual.

DOMINIQUE SCHUH, B.BusMan. BA. Adv. Dip. FS (FP). ChLP. SSA SMSF Specialist Advisor™

Are you a Risk Protection Specialist? Do yourself a favour & get industry legend Russell Collins’ latest book “Skills That SUCCEED”! I highly recommend it.

DAVID J. EARLEY, Dip. FS (FP), AFA, Dip. FS (Brok.), QPI


Just wanted to put into writing how much I enjoyed your book. The messages and lessons for all of the industry are awesome. Insurance underpins everything we do and I hope this book helps others protect families and businesses.


Our industry needs clarity and leadership. Russell Collins has written an excellent book that is a guiding light for anyone on the financial service journey. His practical and explicit comments and tools are keys to success. Any practitioner, new or experienced will benefit from reading and applying his wisdom and experience.

GUY BAKER, CFP, MBA, MSFS, Past President Million Dollar Round Table

With 30 years of experience as an insurance adviser, I purchased Russell Collins’ ‘Skills that Sell’ with an expectation that it would be excellent and also reaffirm what I already know. I was only half correct; yes Skills that Sell is excellent, but it also taught me more about the business of offering insurance advice. ‘Skills that Sell’ should be compulsory reading for anyone new to advising on life insurance as well those you want to move up to the next level of insurance advice.


This book will help you discover what it truly means to be a professional in one of the greatest professions of all: the sale of Life and Disability Insurance.


JOHN CRAIK, Former National President of AFA

Your book on financial planning is just great. I am reading it and it’s turning out to be simply a treasure. Made me remember that I should not forget my basics and what brought me to MDRT. Wow! The best part was in me emerging as one of the top advisors in this financial year for my company out of its 1.1 million agents.



Thank you for your book. I won’t loan it out to anyone and it’ll stay pretty close by. I finished it a few weeks ago and have marked it up as a quick reference guide. It is the most useful and highly relevant guide I have thus far. I am lucky to have some fantastic mentors, which now include you via your book. Thank you!

PAUL CONTE, B.Com (Accounting) ADFP


I finished your book over the weekend. It took me a couple of weeks as I was so enraptured by it, I was changing some of my systems/processes as I was reading it. It is a great read and I thank you for putting a “Lifetime of Effort” in writing. I got so much out of it.

TROY EDMONDSON, Business & Estate Planning Specialist, QLD

Brilliant! At last, a book published by a successful adviser with a lifetime of Risk Insurance experience. Russell’s book illustrates his knowledge and commitment to his career. Whilst Russell’s expressed target market for his book is new advisers with less than ten years’ experience and advisers with ten to fifteen years’ experience, I believe all advisers interested in becoming proficient in the Risk Insurance market, irrespective of their number of years’ experience, will gain tremendous insight and motivation from Russell’s book.


A must-read for every financial adviser who cares about their clients. Russell has given us a step by step review and raison d’être of what works in the marketplace and why. Every financial adviser can benefit from his time tested, integrity filled advice and guidance. One of the very best books on the subject that I have read in my 50 years of practice. Bravo!


What should you read after you think you have read everything about how to sell life insurance? Russell Collins’ new book! I’ve read scores of ‘how-to’ books in my nearly 50 years in this great business. This one is the best as far as I’m concerned. A new ‘rookie’, as well as a seasoned veteran, will find gems within its covers. Russell’s tips on questioning, on note-taking, on presenting and on follow-up, are things that are as important today as they have ever been. Each time I re-read this book I find new insights. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

GENE MAHN, CLU, ChFC , MDRT President, 1998

Hi, Russell,

Thank you for a fantastic session yesterday. I know our advisers really valued your ideas and we have had some great feedback.

SHIVANI GOPAL, M Comm(Financial Planning), ADFS

Hi, Russell,

Your presentation today was awesome and very helpful – the best I’ve been to. I will definitely use your strategy for my clients. Thanks, Russell.

TIEN PHAM, BCom, MBank & Fin, DipFS

Jim, the MDRT meeting in Vancouver in June was fantastic. Your friend Russell Collins was probably my favourite speaker of the whole deal! Still processing all that I learned, but it was amazing!


Hi, Russell,

You don’t know me yet but I thought I would send a sincere thank you. I was reading through your presentation from the MDRT 2013 conference today. The quote you provided by Jack Dulworth. “The three stages of development in the life of a salesperson” really was an aha moment for me.

The best advice I always got was from my dad when I was growing up. He said, “Find an old fella who’s seen it all and ask him what he would do if he had his time again, as great advice is gained from years of experience”. Best advice ever! Teaching us “young blokes” who want to learn what works. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the old ideas become the new, new?




You gave a wonderful talk at MDRT Vancouver Meeting. Keep up the good work. Our members need your advice and your new book is the bible for the Business Owner Market. A Classic!

All the best.

JAMES D. PITTMAN, CLU, CFP, First Vice President of MDRT


I just wanted to say thank you for your presentation in Brisbane. I was planning to speak with you after to say it in person but unfortunately had to leave a little early before you had finished. I really enjoyed the day and you have provided me with some really great tools and concepts, some of which I have started to use already, others that we will implement in the very near future. I would like you to know that in my experience, this is the best 1-day sales (soft skill) workshop that I have ever attended. I have come from a family of insurance advisers and you have always been spoken of in legend, the man to see, who up until now I hadn’t. Well, it was worth the time invested and I have taken on board your advice to invest in myself and the improvement of my skills.

JUSTIN WALKER, Fortnum Private Wealth

Hi, Russell!

I have just finished finalising the feedback from our Fortnum advisers who attended the National Summit. I thought some of this may be of interest to you as it shows not only our gratitude in having you as a presenter at our Summit but also the value you have imparted into our advisers. There were many positive feedback comments which were left in regards to your presentation which have been summarised into the following:

  • Great practical opportunities, and numerous takeaway strategies that can be implemented in all sectors of their businesses;
  • Helpful in allowing our advisers to reflect better on how we interact with clients and let them decide;
  • You were a great communicator with a wealth of knowledge; and
  • Valuable sales skills. 

Thanks again Russell for taking the time to come in and present to our advisers. What a great presentation. It was so well received by all our advisers.

SYM YEOW for the Fortnum National Summit

Hi Russell,

Thank you for a fantastic session yesterday. I know our advisers really valued your ideas and we have had some great feedback.

SHIVANI GOPAL, M Comm (Financial Planning), ADFS

Dear Russell,

A massive THANK YOU! Yes, I wish I could shout it from the rooftops!

I’m not sure that there will ever be words enough to thank you for the presentation you did in Perth yesterday. It was the most valuable workshop/seminar that I have ever been to in my 8 years as a Life Risk Adviser.


Hi, Russell,

I attended my first MDRT seminar in Philly a few weeks back and was lucky enough to hear your presentation. Your focus on building relationships in the initial meeting, preparing for the initial meetings, asking penetrating questions etc. were the game changes for me.  I have since changed the structure of how I conduct the initial meetings which have produced solid results to date. Great tips for sure and I left your presentation motivated.