Interested individuals can walk through with Russell as they navigate through their career journey with the intention to succeed. If you are interested in being coached or mentored by Russell, please get in touch with us.



Russell has specialised knowledge in the area of risk insurance. He has complemented that knowledge with his proficiency in soft skills which helped cement his success in the industry. Here are the coaching areas on offer. Please note that these areas focus on the context of the financial services industry and your work as a financial adviser. If you are interested in exploring more areas, please contact us.


Long-term relationships begin at the initial meeting, where the biggest sale of all is made – you! The primary purpose of the initial meeting is to establish a relationship, so communication is the key. The relationship is greatly enhanced through the preparation of penetrating questions which require people to think before they answer, rather than a yes/no answer. These questions are emotive and designed to promote discussion and build relationships, rather than sell products. It is in such discussions that your communication skills set the tone for the meeting and the development of long-term relationships, while at the same time eliminating competition.


Character is who you are; reputation is what others think of you. If you focus on building your character, your reputation will take care of itself. People will like you because they sense integrity and somebody who cares about his or her clients. One reason why people will continue to do business with you year after year is trust, and with that trust goes the recognition, respect and receptive ear from people who rely on your advice. Within the industry, once trust is established, price and competition will seldom enter the equation.


Every SME is the lengthened shadow of the business owner! He or she casts their values, morals, integrity and work ethic over the whole of the staff, and demonstrates them daily. Through this practice, a culture is developed that will both retain good staff, attract new quality staff and continually assist in developing a successful business. Leadership is twofold: first, being continually aware of what is required to deliver success in your business. Separately, it’s realising what your gifts are, and utilising them within your dealer group, the industry, and your professional association via your, opinions, convictions and actions.


Every day when you leave home to go to the office you have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. In the risk insurance area, every claim you deal with makes a financial difference in the lives of the people or businesses who were the beneficiaries of such claims. That exercise adds meaning and value to your life and provides dignity, financial stability and independence to the beneficiaries. What a daily mindset to base your career on! Success is subjective. It means different things to different people. However defined, advisers need to balance two career paths – family and business, both of which are demanding on their time. Finding the balance requires great discipline.



If you decide to enlist Russell to be your coach or mentor, you can do so at any time. Here is an overview of the intake process.


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