Russell, You gave a wonderful talk at MDRT Vancouver Meeting. Keep up the good work, our members need your advice and your new book is the bible for the Business Owner Market. A Classic! All the best, Jim James D. Pittman, CLU, CFP, First Vice President of MDRT.

“Jim, the MDRT meeting in Vancouver in June was fantastic. Your friend Russell Collins was probably my favorite speaker of the whole deal! Still processing all that I learned, but it was amazing!”

June 21, 2016
Joshua Tomeoni

You gave a wonderful talk at MDRT Vancouver Meeting. Keep up the good work, our members need your advice and your new book is the bible for the Business Owner Market. A Classic!”
All the best,

June 22, 2016
James Douglas Pittman, CLU, CFP
First Vice President of MDRT
Insurance Consulting Services, Inc.
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

“Hi Russell, I attended my first MDRT seminar in Philly a few weeks back and was lucky enough to hear your presentation. Your focus on building relationships in the initial meeting, preparing for the initial meetings, asking penetrating questions etc. were the game changes for me.  I have since changed the structure of how I conduct the initial meetings which have produced solid results to date. Great tips for sure and I left your presentation motivated.”

Glenn Malkiewicz
B.Bus (FinPlan)

“Hi Russell, You don’t know me yet but I thought I would send a sincere thank you. I was reading through your presentation from the MDRT 2013 conference today. The quote you provided by Jack Dulworth “The three stages of development in the life of a salesperson” really was an “ah ha” moment for me.
The best advice I always got was from my Dad when I was growing up. He said “find an old fella who’s seen it all and ask him what he would do if he had his time again, as great advice is gained from years of experience”. Best advice ever! Teaching us “young blokes” who want to learn, what works. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the old ideas becomes the new, new. ”

Ben Law B.Ag.Ec.

“Good Afternoon Russell,
I just wanted to send you through an email to say thank you for your presentation last Friday in Brisbane. I would like to say this without it seeming that I’m blowing smoke but it still may. I really enjoyed the day and you have provided me with some really great tools and concepts, some of which I have started to use already, others that we will implement throughout our in the very near future. I would like you to know that in my experience this is the best 1 day sales (soft skill) workshop that I have ever attended.”

Justin Walker

“Hi Russell, your presentation today was awesome and very helpful – the best I’ve been to. I will definitely use your strategy on my clients. Thanks Russell”

Tien Pham
BCom,MBank & Fin, DipFS

“Hi Russell, Thank you for a fantastic session yesterday. I know our advisers really valued your ideas and we have had some great feedback.”

Shivani Gopal,
M Comm(Financial Planning), ADFS

“Dear Russell– A massive THANK YOU! Yes I wish I could shout it from the roof tops!
I’m not sure that there will ever be words enough to “thank you” for the presentation you did in Perth yesterday. It was the most valuable workshop/seminar that I have ever been too in my 8 years as a Life Risk Adviser.”

Natalie Ashworth

“Are you a Risk Protection Specialist? Do yourself a favour & get industry legend Russell Collins’ latest book “Skills That SUCCEED”! I highly recommend it.”

David J Earley