Very early on in my career, I was fortunate enough to attend a PD Day which Russell was presenting at. After seeing his brief presentation, I immediately realised that I needed to learn more and enrolled in Russell’s two-day workshop. Little did I know that this investment 15 years ago would define my career and underpin my success in the field.

Russell’s teachings resonated strongly as they focus on building relationships with clients, in order to reveal the needs and position the solutions which are targeted at the client’s problems. His approach to fact-finding and conducting client interviews showcases modern-day best practice even though his techniques have been collated over a 40+ year career.

To this day, I continue to use concepts and phrases that I have borrowed from Russell which I continue to benefit from. Our professional relationship has grown into a wonderful friendship and Russell continues to be a source of advice and guidance in many facets of my life. There is no doubt that all Financial Advisers would benefit from Russell’s teachings on building client relationships, fact-finding, constructing client presentations and conducting business.