Hi Russell, how does this sound:

With 30 years experience as an insurance adviser I purchased Russell Collins’ ‘Skills that Sell’ with an expectation that it would be excellent and also reaffirm what I already know. I was only half correct; yes Skills that Sell is excellent, but it also taught me more about the business of offering insurance advice. ‘Skills that Sell’ should be compulsory reading for anyone new to advising on life insurance as well those you want to move up to the next level of insurance advice.

Good Luck

PS: You might be interested in the attached article that will be published in the September edition of Riskinfo. I have also attached an article that was published some time back on overcoming the ‘Optimism Bias’. Too many advisers don’t attack ‘she’ll be right’ and ‘it’s always blue skies’ for new clients. They walk out of the meeting just as cocky as when they walked in. That’s something that I focus on. I take away the family home.