It’s rare in the financial planning world in Australia to meet someone who is prepared to help you unreservedly and to provide you with so much value! Russell Collins is an exceptional person in this regard. I have known Russell since 2009. He has inspired me to write a book which I use for marketing purposes to find my ideal clients. Russell suggested I join the best Financial Adviser membership organisation in the world, the Million Dollar Round Table and in doing so it has helped my career and life immeasurably.

Russell brings a lifetime’s worth of experience and knowledge to all his mentees. After working with Russell and importantly implementing all his ideas, you’ll find you have a better business, a less stressful life and you can look forward to the future with greater confidence. What’s more, Russell has written an amazing book which contains his most powerful client-facing strategies that will always serve as an easy reference guide long after you finish working one on one with him. As an adviser you always need some lucky breaks in your working life, I was indeed very fortunate to have attended Russell’s presentation at the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference in 2009 and acquired a lifelong friend and mentor as a consequence.

If you seriously wish to improve your success, struggle less and reduce your work stress, I wholeheartedly recommend you consult and employ Russell to guide you in your endeavours. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make.