You don’t know me yet but I thought I would send a sincere thank you.

I was reading through your presentation from the MDRT 2013 conference today. The quote you provided by Jack Dulworth “The three stages of development in the life of a salesperson” really was an ah ha moment for me.

Being a people person, I intuitively know that the philosophy of simple is better and that is what sets great advisers from the mediocre. Being the one of the “new breed” of advisers (36 years old) unfortunately all our tertiary and “corporate” training teaches us otherwise.

The best advice I always got was from my Dad when I was growing up. He said “find an old fella who’s seen it all and ask him what he would do if he had his time again, as great advice is gained from years of experience”. Best advice ever!

I am proud to be part of an industry where the experienced (such as yourself) feel passionate and kind enough to pass on your years of hard earned lessons and to teach us “young blokes” who want to learn, what works. Isn’t is amazing how sometimes the old ideas becomes the new, new.

Again thank you Russell and hopefully I will meet you somewhere in our travels.