Russell has been speaking at State, National and International conferences, association seminars and dealer group professional development days for over 40 years on how Financial Advisers can specialise in the area of risk insurance. He also conducts one-day workshops on selling insurance in both the Personal Market and the much-neglected Business Owner Markets. In addition, he does one-on-one training with individual advisers.

Training topics include:

  • The importance of preparation: As opposed to arriving at a meeting, opening up a templated fact finder and then clinically proceeding through a Q and A session.
  • The fact-finding meeting: How to open the meeting in a positive manner, control the meeting throughout, close on a positive manner and eliminate competition from that point.
  • The file note- a powerful tool: There is something about people reading what they said which motivate them to look forward to the next meeting with the adviser.
  • Dissecting the file note: How to extract answers to questions and turn them into sales opportunities.
  • The Presentation: Presentation Skills 101 – the most neglected single skill in today’s training programs.
  • The follow-through: From application form to policy issue.
  • Prospecting: The number one reason why people fail in our industry is through lack of people to meet with.
  • Specific sales concepts: The Personal Market.
  • The business owner market: The most profitable but most neglected market.
  • Keyperson insurance: How to introduce it and sell it.
  • Guarantor protection insurance: How to introduce it and sell it.
  • Buy-out insurance: How to introduce it and sell it.
  • Estate Planning: Understanding the three phases of estate planning and their impact on individuals should they live too long, die too soon or become disabled along the way.
  • Brain, time and integrity: Utilising what the adviser has to offer his/her clients.